Cold Storage

If you want to maintain the beauty, luster and suppleness of your furs, not to mention future “trade-in” or resale values, cold storage is a MUST! Our safe, temperature/humidity controlled storage vaults are located right here on the premises.

Each item is carefully examined by our professional staff for any repairs that might be necessary while in our care. No appointment is ever necessary. Simply bring in your favorite outerwear (and pick them up) any time that’s convenient for you!

Cleaning, Conditioning and Glazing

Cleaning, conditioning and glazing are a very important aspect of regular fur maintenance. When it comes to keeping a fur as lovely as it possibly can be, once a year conditioning is a must! Conditioning isn’t dependant on how often or little your fur has been worn. Your pelts are slowly drying and are thirsty for the natural oils that will be replenished through our cleaning, conditioning and glazing process.

Each fur is gently cleaned to restore and revitalize its natural beauty. You’ll notice the difference and admire the softness, suppleness and clean smell of your fur once it’s been cleaned and conditioned by Geno’s Furs!

** We also offer expert cleansing for EVERY other type of luxury outerwear. Suede, leather, cashmere~ we do it all.

Restyling / Remodeling

Own a fur you won’t wear because of its style or because it just doesn’t fit? Let us turn it into something you’ll love! We enjoy the challenge of bringing fresh, new looks to outdated furs. Yours CAN be made into a best-selling style, a beautiful vest, fur-lined raincoat, sensational sweater or even a lovely fur blanket!

Work is carefully done in a cost-effective manner. Your “new” fur will be made to your exact specifications!

Repairs and Alterations

If your fur is in need of repair, you’ll find there’s practically nothing we can’t do! As long as it’s in serviceable condition, we’ll handle anything from a delicate repair to the most extensive alteration. You’ll appreciate the attention to detail, and our prices are always fair.


Custom Special Orders

If there’s a style you love and need it in a different fur type, color or size – it’s simple: Geno’s will make it for you! We take tremendous pride in the vast number of custom “special order” furs we make every year.

You’ll be delighted with the process from start to finish. Our special orders are beautifully done and completed on time. We guarantee the finest quality and an exact fit!


Pre-owned furs are always welcomed as “trade-ins” towards the purchase of a beautiful new Geno’s fur!

Simply present your aging fur to one of our experienced fur associates, and they will provide an honest assessment and a fair “trade-in” allowance towards your new purchase. Please understand that the value of an aging fur depends upon its original quality, styling and current condition.



We gladly provide professional appraisals for all types of furs regardless of where or when they were purchased or inherited.

Every fur we appraise undergoes a complete, comprehensive examination and receives a detailed fur appraisal. We will also gladly speak with your insurance agent concerning any questions they might have about your fur appraisal.

Proper Fur Care

Like anything else of value, a beautiful fur needs to be properly maintained. Here are some steps that Geno’s strongly recommends:

Cold Storage: Needs to be done every spring/summer season. Heat, humidity and moths present the greatest dangers and can easily destroy any fur – even a brand new one! Our cold storage vaults are the safest place in the world to store your treasured outerwear.

Cleaning and Conditioning: Annual cleaning/conditioning works wonders. Our process gently cleans, conditions and glazes your fur, not only cleaning it, but most importantly, replenishing the natural oils as well. Glazing restores the lustrous shine to your fine fur. You will notice the difference!

Practice Good Wearing Habits: Avoid carrying heavy handbags or allowing jewelry to rub against your fur. Be sure to hang it on a specially designed fur hanger that evenly distributes the weight. If the fur gets damp or wet, hang it in a well ventilated area to dry. Once it dries, shake it briskly. NEVER store your fur in plastic or other type bag (travel bags are meant for travel purposes only).

Attend To Repairs: Regardless of how trivial, the smallest rips and tears should be handled immediately. If neglected, future repairs may require the insertion of matching pelts, which can be costly.